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"Damn! Outta milk again! Why can't I remember these things when I'm driving home from work? I pass right by the store every fucking day on my way home from work. She'll be home any minute, and it will, once again, be MY fault for not remembering to bring some milk home for the baby. I know she reminded me, but, for Christ's sake, I had a very fucked beyond belief kind of day." Mike was tearing himself a new one over the situation he had put himself in.

It was a very long day at the office, and after a bumper to bumper ride home on the clogged freeway, the last thing he wanted to do was go back out and face the traffic again. He also knew if he didn't go and get the milk, his wife would explode. He has the easy part: remember to stop for stuff at the store on the way home. She had the hard parts: get pregnant, get huge, squeeze bowling ball out of vagina, raise the bowling ball and keep it warm, fed, safe, dry, blah blah blah, Oh, and now it's drop the baby off at daycare and pick him up on the way home every night after her long day at work.

It was the least he could do to go to the grocery store after work for supper and other necessities. Don’t get him wrong. Mike loved his wife, but sometimes, she was a real fucking nag.

"Ah, shit," he groaned, "I got about 45 minutes to get there and back. Better get going. Fuck!" And with that, Mike grabbed his keys and headed toward his car in the garage.

Alexa couldn't wait to get home and take off her black Louboutins and kick back on the couch. She was thinking about calling John for a fun session later in the evening, but she wanted a relaxing bath more. But she knew she didn't have anything in her apartment to cook for dinner.

"Guess I gotta stop at the market," she thought to herself. She hopped in her black Lexus, cranked up some Wiz Khalifa, and headed to the store. She liked the small little back road she found to bypass all the traffic; it made her drive more relaxing.

The Plexi-Mart was just a few miles away, and she couldn't wait to get home.

Mike headed to the garage and started up his car. He hit the garage door button, and as the door went up, he adjusted the mirror and fixed his hair.

"Damn, I sure hope there's something nice to look at today,” he thought to himself. He knew that this time of day at the Plexi-Mart was prime time for the women to be swarming the store on their way home from work.

"There's always something nice to look at," He said out loud as he chuckled and slowly backed out of the garage on his way to the store.

Alexa couldn’t help but think about what kind of booty she could find at the grocery store. She almost ALWAYS found someone to bring home for dinner and a good romp. She stepped out of her car, heels clicking as she walked. She walked through the door and headed straight for the produce a.k.a. the perfect place to pick up a man. She wandered over but saw nothing that intrigued her today. She picked up some spinach, cherry tomatoes, and cucumbers and placed them in her basket. She made her way down to the dairy section for some milk and feta when she saw him. Blonde. Green eyes. Medium build. Broad shoulders. Tall.

“Mmmm..” She thought to herself. Alexa thought about running her hands down his shoulders and felt the tingle spread down south. She wondered if he was married and immediately looked down to his ring finger on his left hand. “Damn. There is one.”

Looks like someone found a challenge.

Mike grabbed a gallon of milk out of the cooler, and turned around to head for the cashier when he stopped cold in his tracks. There she was.

"Fuckin' Paydirt!" Mike thought to himself, catching himself staring at the beautiful lady standing in his field of vision.

"I… I'm sorry," Mike apologized, I don’t mean to stare, but you caught my eye. Hello, My name is Mike, and my my, you are absolutely stunning."

He stuck out his hand as he thought to himself, 'How do I get her out to the parking lot for a quick fuck?"

“Hi, my name’s Alexa.” She smiled softly with a glint of naughty in her eye. She was gonna take him outside and do bad things. She bent over a little in front of Mike to get a gallon of milk on the bottom shelf. She just wanted to flaunt her bottom end in front of him. She knew her skirt was just tight enough to stretch tight and show that she wasn’t wearing any underwear.

"Oh dear God," Mike thought to himself as he moved the milk in front of his pants to hide his ever-enlarging cock. "She's not wearing anything under that skirt, and the playing field is bare, wet and waiting.”

"Uhmmmm, Uh, I…" He stammered out loud as he tried to make the words he wanted to say, match the words he was saying.

Alexa giggle, knowing the heads she was stirring. She walked over to Mike, running her fingertip down from his temple to his lips.

"You like?" She spoke with a subtle hint of seduction. She turned on her heel, flicked her long blonde tresses, and began to walk toward the front, hoping her mate would soon follow.

“There's something about her,” Mike thought. He saw it in her eyes. He felt like he knew her.

She checked out her few grocery items, knowing he’d be rushing at the counter to meet her outside. Her pussy was dripping with pure anticipation of what she was going to do to Mike once he got into her grasp.  She opened the passenger back door and bent over once more to place her groceries on the floorboard. She looked up from her position with Mike gaping at her behind once more.

“Uhmmm," he stuttered, "I don't know how to say this any other way but just straight out, so here it goes. I want you in the most erotic possible way. I want to caress your beautiful body with my hands, kiss you from head to toe, and hopefully, leave you in a totally satisfied state of orgasmic bliss when I'm done."

Mike stopped, looked her right in the eyes and asked, "Was that too bold?"

His stuttering drove her crazy; Alexa thought he was too damn cute and sexy for his own good.

"I couldn't have put it any better," She giggled, grabbing his hand and dragging him toward the door. She couldn't understand why she wanted THIS MAN so badly. There was this sparkle in his eye that wasn't there when he walked through the door. She was going to rock his world, and he didn't even know it yet.

She unlocked the doors to her Lexus and shoved him inside as quickly as she could. She leapt inside and straddled him, pressing her mouth on his.

He could feel the excitement growing as his cock began to get harder. He pressed it against her bare thigh, his tight slacks bursting as he stiffened with lust. His hands began to lightly move towards her breast as his pocket began to vibrate.

"What the fuck?' he said out loud.

“Oh shit," he exclaimed as he looked at his phone and told her, “It's my wife! I gotta take this.”

He listened intently to the phone, only occasionally answering with a "Yes,” and "Okay.”

He hung up the phone, set it down on the car seat, looked her in the eyes and said, "My wife has to work late, she won't be home for hours. I'm free for the night. What would you like to do?" As he unbuttoned his jeans, revealing his massive hard-on.
Just a little grocery store fun.
Written with my love, :iconartphul1:. Will post part 2 soon :D
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