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January 22, 2011
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The blue stripes on her bikini matched the color of the pool water...and her eyes. Sophia looked over at Layne's mom in the lounger with her dad sitting next to her. He had his glasses on with his salt-and-pepper hair slicked back as he read from his book. As she watched on, waiting for Layne to come down, she waved at her parents, saying, "Hi, Mr. and Mrs. Smithson!"

They waved back, and he replied "Hey there, Juniper."

His eyes lingered on her young body for a few moments before he went back to reading his book, and even then, he glanced at her again every now and then. He may have been a married man, but he thought, "Damn, that little lady is sexy!"

Layne came through the door, hugging Sophia and giving her a kiss on the cheek, "Happy 18th Birthday, babe!"

"Thanks," She replied, hugging her back, "Wanna swim?"

She shook her head, running to jump in the pool with Sophia in hot pursuit behind her. She leapt in, and as she came back up, Sophia noticed Mr. Smithson's eyes, watching her thoroughly.

As she met his eyes, a quiet curse went through his mind. He did his best to just smile and nod a greeting, but it was impossible to completely hide the lust he was feeling inside. He looked back to his book and tried hard to keep his eyes there for the time being, at least until he got his pulse back down to normal.

"Fuck," Sophia thought to herself. "He's so fucking sexy! Why do I have to have a friend whose dad makes me wet? This is so unfair."

She noticed that a few of their other friends were arriving, so she hopped out of the pool to greet them with Layne pawing at her side and her arm around Sophia's waist.

It wasn't very often that he was envious of his daughter, but when he saw her arm around Sophia's waist, a small frown crossed his face. He wanted that to be his arm.  He didn't care too much for the other girls arriving, and as each of the young men gave her a hug, James gave a tiny growl. Janine, his wife, touched his arm and whispered something about having so many young people at their house.

He hardly listened. She was probably just as excited about the younger boys as he was about Sophia. It didn't matter that she promised to help him ignore them for the night. He wanted THAT girl!

Sophia looked over at Layne's parents, seeing her father scowling. She couldn't help but wonder what he was so upset about, but she didn't care... much...She grabbed Layne's hand, pulling her toward the pool. The two of them leapt in, holding hands, and she swam back up to the top of the water. As she went to walk over to the shallow end, she noticed a slight breeze.

She looked down, noticing that her 36DD breasts were so not in her bikini top anymore, and she shrieked loudly, trying to cover herself. She quickly jumped out of the pool, running into the house and sobbing.

James gawked. He was very lucky everybody else was looking at her too, or somebody would have definitely noticed. After she ran in, he slowly got up and retrieved the offending bikini top.

"It's normal that I'm going to go give it to her, isn't it? It doesn't make me a pervert, does it? Of course not, I'm just being helpful," He thought to himself. He went inside and followed the sounds of the sobs, knocking gently on the bathroom door.

"Sophia?" He called softly. "I have your top."

"Just leave it... hanging on the.... doorknob," She tried to say, choking back more sobs and sniffling loudly.

"Hey... are you going to be alright?" A little bit of genuine concern edged into his voice. She must have been so embarrassed.

Sophia opened the door, revealing her swollen red face to him and trying not to start crying again. She took the top off of the doorknob but began to fumble with the knots. She began to sob once more, sitting on the floor with her head in her hands. James opened the door the rest of the way, kneeling down to wrap his arms around her.

"Hey now, you're alright," He chuckled lightly, "If it's any consolation, I rather enjoyed the show." She laughed softly.

"Wait," she thought to herself, "Is Layne's dad hitting on me?" She smiled slyly. If he was, she was about to make him continue.

"Could me put my top back on?" She asked cleverly. His breath caught in his throat for a moment, his mind racing.

"Of course, I can!" He thought to himself. It would have been so much easier to move around behind her, but he didn't have ease in mind. He remained in front of her, his hands sliding across her bare skin to her chest.  He purposefully rubbed his hands across her breasts as he moved them behind to tie the top behind her back. All the while, he stared straight into her beautiful, big blue eyes.

A soft moan accidentally escaped her lips as his hands rubbed against her sensitive breasts. Sophia could barely control the urge she was getting to lock the door and have Mr. Smithson fuck her. If she wasn't already wet from the pool, she was definitely soaking now.

James bit his lip at the sound of her moan. He should have held back, but that was all the encouragement he needed. He raised one hand to her head and locked his fingers in her hair, pulling it back roughly and firmly pressing his lips against her mouth.

Another moan sounded as his tongue entered her mouth. Sophia pressed her wet body against his warm, dry one, her crotch against his. She pulled away for just a moment as she closed the door, locking it behind her.

He stood up and stopped her hand, "Wait, not here. Not now."

He shook his head and smiled lightly, "They'll wonder what's taking us so long. Be patient, and I'll show you what a real man can do tonight." He kissed her again and opened the door, quickly exiting without another word.

Sophia sat in the bathroom for what she thought felt like eternity to make sure she and James didn't look suspicious. She waltzed her ass back out to the patio, shaking her hips as she walked up to her friends. She noticed Brett, the guy she'd had a crush on since the beginning of high school, standing next to Layne.

She walked up, giving him a hug and said, "Hi, Brett."

His arm slid around her waist, and he kissed Sophia's cheek, saying, "Happy Birthday!"

The stellar mood James was in disappeared instantly when he saw that young kid kiss the young woman that he already thought of as his. Was she saying she didn't want him after all? Was it because the kid was so young, and he was so old?

He glared a little at the young man, wondering if he could will him to death. Probably not, but it was worth a shot, he thought.

The guys jumped into the pool along with the girls. Sophia could see Mrs. Smithson was preoccupied with her book, but her hand gently glided along her husband's arm. Jealousy filled her, and the lust she had for Mr. Smithson continued to build. She wanted to be the one he fucked every night before falling asleep. She looked up at him and winked, hoping she could rock his world better than her.

He smiled again when she winked at him, but a frown crossed his face again as he looked up at the sun and saw that it was still so high. Night couldn't come soon enough.
I know it's been a while, but school has definitely taken over my life. This was written with the idea from a friend. There will be a little more to it, just have to finish editing it.

Enjoy :)
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durkad Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2014
Grrr... where is the exciting conclusion?  :D
PrettyProse Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
He looked back to my book and tried hard... "my" should be "his". "...and trying to not to start crying again." Should probably take the first "to" out of there. "Sophia pressed my wet body against his warm..." There's that "my" again. Lol.

Other than that, this was reallly good! :D I look forward to reading the second part. :nod:
SwedishFISHIES Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Student Writer
I seem to always miss something I was supposed to change. It's hard when all the words start looking the same.
PrettyProse Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Hehehe, I know exactly what you mean. I have to go through my stuff at least twice to get everything.
storiesofpleasure2 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
I'm looking forward to the next part! You might wanto go through and fix a couple POV and context things in this one. Sometimes its a little confusing. But overall, very good!
Booky-TrueIdentities Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
very nice :D hope you upload the ext part soon!
SwedishFISHIES Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you. It's uploaded now. Enjoy.
Booky-TrueIdentities Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
:D i will
MaverikKnight Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011
Very natural feeling dialog and very relateable too. Well done!
SwedishFISHIES Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2011  Student Writer
Thank you. It was meant to be relatable, so I'm definitely glad you enjoyed it.
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