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She stood next to the guardrail, and he stood with a protective stance behind her. The concert was about to start, and the anticipation of seeing her favourite band live for the first time was riveting.  She was super stoked, and Austin knew how much this concert meant to her. Jamie always got lost in the music, letting it completely take over his body. It mesmerized Austin to watch his girl rock her face off and sing her heart out to the songs.

Jamie felt as though it was just her, Austin, and the music. Metal made her incredibly hot; something about the guitars got her every time. Front row with his head bobbing with the beat of the music, Austin’s arms surrounded her, grabbing the rail in front. His eyes closed as the lyrics encompassed his thoughts, his warm breath on her neck.

“Am I not understanding this now? This world I've held so close to my heart is all against me now, and it wears, and it breaks, and it brings me down, so low, down so low.”

She turned around in front of him, pressing herself against his chest. Their breathing heavy and intense; a longing fell over them both and lingered in the air between them. Austin opened his eyes to stare into hers, the lyrics fading from his mouth. The heavy bass drum rhythm added to the loud thumping of her heartbeat in her ears. Her face was inches from his, and she was dying to kiss his lips. Jamie instinctively pressed her pelvis against his, her cheeks lightly reddened. His eyes rolled back in pure longing, and she could feel the growing hardness against her aching pussy.

Austin looked into her eyes, lust growing for the beautiful girl in front of him. His cock was straining against his jeans. Desire captivated Jamie along with the strong riff from the lead guitarist’s solo. She was unable to contain her arousal any longer; her lips crashed hard against his, not caring who saw their displays of affection. Her arms wrapped around his neck, pulling his body closer. He groaned into her mouth as she lightly nibbled on his bottom lip.

She abruptly pulled away from him, turning back around to face the band.  She danced and ground her ass against him, her body in tune with the music. Her head tilted back with her eyes closed as she felt the music. Austin was having a hard time containing his lust and excitement; he grabbed the rail hard with one hand, the other on her shoulder as he pushed his throbbing prick into her ass. His head bobbed along with the music, the heat in his groin growing as he sang along with the music.

“Find faith in life in whatever will keep you believing that we are not meaningless. Retain what you have learned because love is an endless wonder. It's a never-ending knowledge; this is our only solution.”

Jamie ran her hands up her sides and through her tumbling blonde curls. He gently kissed her neck from behind, leaving small wet spots. She leaned back against Austin, pulling his hands against the bare skin of her stomach. She wanted to feel his rough skin against the softness of her abdomen. A soft moan escaped her lips, and he leaned in to grasp her luscious breasts that he’d grown so fond of. His hands slid beneath the lacy fabric of her bra, his fingers feeling her erect nipples. He brushed them gently, tracing circles around them to the beat of the music.

“Even when my mind's exhausted, I survive. And the world tries to drown you out, I survive. Flooding your life like water-filled lungs, I survive. And the waves try to wash you away, I survive. Brace yourself, head high, heart strong, I survive.”

She broke her concentration on Austin for mere moments, looking in front of her. The bouncer’s eyes were glued to her and Austin. Jamie smiled a naughty grin, before running her hand behind her to rub against his hard cock against her ass.  He growled into her, turning her back around to face him. He devoured her mouth in a passionate kiss, his tongue wrapping around her.

Caught off guard, they fell forward into the guardrail, their kiss deepening as the speaker hummed behind them. Her left legs inched up his body and hooked around his waist, her pussy pressed against his cock as she stroked his hardness. Austin felt his heartbeat quicken, the thrill of public sexuality catching up with him. He pressed his body closer to hers, her moans pressed against his neck.

Jamie deepened their kiss as Austin leaned over her, their lips still locked. He softly bit at her upper lip. She moaned louder than normal as he bit, his warm breath sending shivers down her spine. She continued to stroke his cock, continuing to kiss him and singing against his lips. The sound of music filled her soul as she ground against his body. She felt his cock pulse within her grip as the crowd cheered, the band readying for a new song.

“All the lies don't hold me, but they're sinking in my skin, coursing through my veins, and the truth eludes me, losing sight of it again. Save me from myself.”

She pulled away; ignoring the band she’d waited so long to see. She wanted nothing more than to have her way with Austin. She removed her hand from his pants, disregarding Austin’s disappointed look. She grabbed his hand, dragging him from the front door into the alleyway. Panting lightly in the cool air, he pinned her against the rough brick wall, his lust taking over as he attacked her mouth.

Embracing her competitive side, Jamie pushed back firmly against his groin. She bit down on his shoulder, barely able to contain herself. Austin groaned in pleasure and swiftly unbuttoned her jeans, slipping his hand down her jeans and pushing her underwear aside.  Finding her warmth, two fingers entered her, and she bucked hard against his hand, begging for him. He slowly thrust into her, kissing her to stifle her moans. He sensed how close her orgasm was already, the slickness of her pussy exciting him even more. He quickly pulsated his fingers within her, making it hard to contain her sounds of pleasure.  She lurched forward as her orgasm tore through her body, screaming Austin’s name in pleasure.

“I love it when you lose control with me, “ he whispered, nibbling on her earlobe. She stepped away from him, getting down on her knees, and a naughty grin flashed across her flushed face. Jamie unbuttoned his jeans, tugging his underwear down. She grasped the base of his cock in her hand, eyeing it lustfully and licking her lips.

Austin leaned back against the brick wall, gasping slightly at the warmth her mouth emitted on his cock. She slowly took the head of his cock in her mouth, it twitching lightly as she sucked. A deep guttural groan exited his lips as she skimmed her tongue around his shaft. She grabbed his asscheeks in her palms as she slid more of his cock into her mouth. He exhaled loudly as he felt her take his cock, his hips bucking lightly into her face.

Jamie bobbed her head, beginning to deepthroat his thick cock, and she lightly ran her teeth against the underside of his shaft. She cupped his balls in her hand, gently kneading and caressing them as she continued to suck hard on his cock. Austin hunched over slightly, a shiver running up his spine as she continued to service him. His breathing was heavy as he looked down as her face in the alley lights. She looked up at him with a slight smile as she grasped his cock in her hand once more, teasing the head with her tongue.  Her big green eyes drove him crazy; they were stunning in the backlight of the alley.

Austin groaned at the touch of her small hands encompassing his engorged member, her hand cool from the night air, but he wanted more. He wanted to fill her.

He grasped her shoulder, her movements ceasing as she looked up at him questioningly.  He extended his hand, and she took it. He grasped her waist, pulling her hard into him. He slipped his fingers in her belt loops, tugging her jeans down quickly. He reversed them around, pressing her up against the bricks. Austin lifted her and wrapped her legs around his waist, placing the head of his cock at her entrance.

She nibbled down on his shoulder as his cock entered her slick heat, a struggled groan emitted from Austin’s mouth. She began to bounce against his cock as he thrust inside her. His thrusts quickened, her head drawing back as pleasure entranced her body.

“Austin… Austin… Oh…” Her soft moans filled the cool air as she fucked her. His own moans mingled with hers, and he didn’t care if anyone heard their cries of ecstasy in the alleyway. He continued to thrust hard into her aching cunt, her fingers raking against his back. She placed her hands on the sides of his face, pulling into another deep kiss. She was so close, and she could tell he was nearing his orgasm as well. She matched his movements time after time, grinding her swollen clit against him.

“Cum for me, baby,” she whispered in his ear, as she felt her orgasm beginning to overtake her. He groaned loudly as he spent his seed inside her, their orgasms together in time. Austin stood shaking against her, placing his head on her shoulder as he breathed sharp, ragged breaths.

“Thank you for the best birthday ever,” she whispered, kissing him. Each of them pulled their pants up, linked hands, and walked down the busy street in front of the House of Blues.
I had the pleasure of having a good friend of mine help me write out one of my biggest fantasies yet. Super stoked about this :) I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I've enjoyed writing it.
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I've already told you how I feel about this one. It's a great inspiration to the inner perv for future reference in real life. Hehehehe
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